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We have developed a very transparent, clean and easy model for the Clients to reach to us, and get the exact information they are looking from us. We basically try to introduce the end client with the developer directly. It helps the clients in few ways. Number one, generally speaking, sales people are like talking high and doing less. They try to sell the very basic things in a gold platter and makes easy things look like mamooth. Obviously, they need to make money to justify the number which is being paid to them. We don't hire Sales Consultants, and don't want to spend on those paradigm. Talking directly to developer ensures that we are going to bill you pretty much reasonable because the developer will know what you are trying to build and we will charge only for those things we will be building for you. And why not, after all, we don't have to pay to Sales Guys. Another benefit is that when you talk to developer directly, the time taken by the process of sales proposal, meetings etc are eliminated and the moment you talk to developer, it becomes clear to both the parties involved that what we are building, and what is a high end effort that will be required to build an application. Also, a person with a rich development experience (unlike a sales guy) will be more interested in listening about application, the business logic and it's use, not the money it attracts. This helps a lot in delivering a project smoothly and building the product exactly as required by the clients. So, in short, it results in: Reasonable Billing, Short Turn Around Time, Better Execution of Ideas, Clarity about the future plans.

We also give a window of 3 months post final handover for fixing any bugs that may occur while using our product in Production. We don’t like to leave our clients hanging or don’t like to push the clients for additional money for any bugs. We believe in making a relationship with our clients and try to adjust us as much as possible. We also believe in winning clients repeat business by showing full commitment, honesty and invovlment in the projects. Don't believe on us??? Try us :D

What after the bugs appear after 3 months?

Well, the bugs can only be avoided for three months only if a) you don’t use the application frequently so the bug is missed b) or the bug is of nature that is completely out of scope and it has only come in the picture because of a change in business logic, or any other reason which could not have been known earlier. In both the cases, we do charge additional money to fix it. The three months window is not a strict window so we are flexible. But from a business point of view, providing more flexibility to this window can be risky for our business as we need to move on to new projects to earn our bread and butter. And our more than 95% of projects have never found a bug after three months, of course, I am not including the exceptions here.

This is how it works

  1. You send an email or call to our number.
  2. The Call/Email will be directed to the concerned person
  3. You will contact the developer directly to discuss the requirements.
  4. Developer will understand your requirements, and will try to think about implementing your requirements / ideas
  5. If there is a technical challenge or obstacle, developer will inform you and suggest the workarounds
  6. Developer will then draw a quote and send it back to you in one business day.
  7. We will calculate the number of hours required to complete the project, and multiply by our hourly rates, and will give you a final number we will be charging.
  8. Once you approve the quote, he will send you the initial Requirement / Understanding Document along with the delivery dates and milestones.
  9. The developer who talked to the client will either be developing or leading the project to ensure we work it out accoding to the initial plan and don’t risk the client to develop something different from what was requested.
  10. Developers finish the work according to the plan and the final handover is completed with in the given deadline
  11. Clients have three months window to come anytime to us to fix any bugs that may occur while using the application.

Usual time taken

From Step 1 to 5:
We usually respond the emails or calls back in 2-5 hours, but sometimes it takes 12-14 hours if the call or email is delivered in odd hours. And 24-48 hours if it is delivered over the weekend.
From Step 6 to 7:
We reply to client with our final number in one business day after the first technical discussion. It usually doesn’t apply for big projects which requires multiple discussions before we can give a final quote.

Our payment Terms

We have different hourly rates set for different technologies. We charge money on the following terms

Bigger Projects
  • Above $1000
  • Advance 20%
  • Milestones 50% (The project will be divided into separate milestones and then the 50% will be divided into those milestones)
  • Project Completion 15%
  • Final Handover 15%
Smaller Projects
  • Below $1000
  • Advance 40%
  • Beta Delivery 20%
  • Project Completion 20%
  • Final Handover 20% After bug fixes
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