We have expertise in
Hadoop, Hdfs, Flume, Sqoop, Kafka, Hbase, MongoDB, Spark, TEZ, Pheonix, Hive, MapReduce, Yarn, Oracle PL/SQL, Database Tuning, Data Modelling, ETL

We can help you in

  1. Sizing of Servers and Infrastructure for Hadoop Solutions
  2. Solution Design as per Information Security standards
  3. Design Hbase, Hive and Data Modelling for Reporting
  4. Architecture for processing Petabytes of Data
  5. Solution design and optimization for YRAN Scheduler
  6. Hadoop Cluster tuning having more than 100 Data Nodes in Production
  7. Guiding you team to monitor the Hadoop Cluster by using Ambari, Ganglia and Nagios
  8. Ensuring HA for the Application and Identifying Single Point of Failures (SPOF)
  9. Building/Mentoring the Big Data team

Big Data Migration and Installation

Big data is all about Data storing, managing & retrieving a chunk or all of it. Data is becoming more and more important every second is passed by. And with the increasing competition, every business is inclined to capture more and more data to make the decisions based on actual data than on the basis of assumption and experience. Before we start capturing the data we have to worry about two major things

1. How do we store that much of data?
2. How do we collect all the previous data (if any) in a single repository

Both of the points fall well within our expertise. We have helped lot of clients move their data migrate to Big Data servers. We provide services which takes care of all the steps. Starting from installing servers, Unix, Writing Java Programs, Web APIs, Configuring Hadoop etc, we provide end to end solution for your big data needs. Our team consists of expert evangelists who know how to explore the true potential of Big Data technology to grind results which are necessary to help businesses grow by allowing them to make data driven decisions. The Big Data setup can be difficult, putting servers appropriately, configuring it so no data is lost in transit, allowing the proper sizes of data blocks to allow maximum optization etc, can be a pain. Since we do these things day in day out, we can help the clients set up the big data environment pretty easily. We believe that our expertise can help the business really build a quick set up and waste no time in migrating terrabytes of data. We can build you a POC for your idea and then you can see how you can benefit from us.

- Team of Amazing Programmers
- Experienced in migrating Petabytes of data
- Experienced in developing Infrastruction to support Big Data
- Expertise in configuring and optimizing servers

Big Data Analytics

For making a strategic decision, one needs a vision. Earlier times, the decisions were taken on the basis of experience but now, it's time to take Data Driven Decisions. The data management and analytics can be nasty at times. Querying and finding results are time consuming and difficult. Converting millions of rows into a small set of figures showing the results of the dataset is not an easy task. Data in itself cannot be useful until you know how to use it wisely, and most important, accurately. We, at Oscillate, thrive to serve our clients in analyzing the data the way they want. The data is precious, and the time is even more valuable. We do help our clients to save time on setting up analytical tools to analyze data according to their requirements. It is important to set it up correctly, if you don't, the data may not be accurate and it loses the importance. It is always wise to hire an expert (of course, like us) to do it for you. It can save time, save your money and helps you gain a professional outlook on the different angles in no time.

- Expert Analytical knowledge
- Experience developing analytical solution
- Financial Modelling
- Real time Analytics

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