php Programming

  • gradeWhat is Php Programming?

    Commonly known as “Hypertext Pre-processor”- PHP is by far amongst the most popular scripting languages which is doing rounds on the web. PHP is also termed as the server-sided language because it gets executed on the computer from which you have requested a page and not on your desktop. The scope of this scripting language has travelled to the field of general purpose programming from its more common usage for web development.

  • gradeWhy Php?

    A common question which intrigues general minds is why do we need a scripting language or to say what is the purpose of PHP. The answer to this query lies in a varied number of functions which are effectively carried on by this language, this would include creation of Password login pages and username, creating of forums, conducting of surveys, picture galleries and checking details from forms. The arena of work which this language cover is vast and it has the ability to liven up the plain HTML format by many notches.

  • gradeWhat Kind of PHP language should be made?

    Since a scripting language forms the base on which the entire building of web development stands, it is of prime significance to plan and analytically work while one is developing scripting language. PHP should be understood as Internet aware system and various important considerations should be kept in mind while developing the same. The crucial pointers to be taken into consideration for developing a performance oriented scripting Language are:

    • 1)PHP should be designed and developed in a way that it has maximum and effective functionality to its credit.
    • 2)The language consistency should be maintained across various platforms.
    • 3)Compilation of extensions in PHP should be undertaken statically or dynamically, so as to add the necessary support.
    • 4)PHP extensions should be created in high level language so as to simplify and reduce testing and programming time.

  • gradeOur experience in PHP Development

    PHP as an advanced scripting language requires a lot in terms of knowledge and experience, we provide to our customers both the aforesaid aspects in a customer friendly manner. We exhibit a clear niche in developing and designing PHP and are driven by the objective of providing maximum customer satisfaction with the help of our talented and qualified team.

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