Macro/VBA Development

  • gradeWhat is VBA?

    VBA is a programming platform provided by Microsoft to automate MS Office document, Excel | Access | Word | Outlook etc. VBA is attached to every MS Office program which provides an option to automate the functionlaity in Office documents, which certainly extends the utility of every MS Office program. VBA stands for Visual Basic for Application.

  • gradeWhy VBA?

    For any Powerful MS Office user, VBA is a must. VBA helps you automate the processes, which can take fortune of time otherwise. VBA can automate the manual steps to save time, human errors and brings the ease of work. It finally results in perfection. Without VBA, there is a great possibility that you are ending up spending your precious time on something which you should not spend on. Time Saving, Money Saving and error proof processing are some of the benefits of using VBA.

  • gradeWhat kind of projects should be made?

    Any task which you do manually, and is of repetitive nature can be automated using VBA. Also, any small level business application, like an inventory management, financial analytics, or any small level software which doesn’t involve lot of records can be made very quickly in MS Access VBA. If you are working on a report, which is a repeat of previous quarter or year or previous month, it should be automated to save the time and human efforts. The time is precious, so if anywhere you are spending your time or need to spend your time in re-doing something, it should be automated. For example, a Monthly Revenue Analysis spreadsheet, which an analyst works every month and spends around 10 hours to compile data and preparing a presentation out of it, it can be done with a click of a button..

  • gradeOur experience in VBA

    We have around 10 years of working experience in Excel and Access VBA. Excel VBA involves our development of Dashboards, analyzers, Add-ins etc, and Access VBA involves making software for multiple organizations. Our experience consists of:

    • - Excel Dashboards
    • - Excel Analyzers
    • - Charts
    • - Power Pivot
    • - Excel Templates
    • - Excel Reporting
    • - Have made Access Softwares in
      • - Medical
      • - Financial Analysis
      • - Real Estate Property Management
      • - Inventory Management
      • - Stock Management
      • - Portfolio Management
    • - Experience in Access Reporting
    • - Experience in Access with SQL
    • - Experience in Web Databases
    • - Experience in Access Online
    • - Experience in upgrading Access 97,2003 Databases to 2007/10/13/16 formats

  • gradeLink to case studies.
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